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Finance Committee

Chairperson: Earl Harlow

St. John’s has been blessed with people who have cared enough for the church to provide for its perpetuation through planned giving.  These endowments require financial management on a periodic basis.  The vestry of the church is canonically responsible for any financial decision making, but the finance committee provides the vestry with the wisdom and expertise to make those decisions, and puts into action those decisions.  Knowledge of investment management is important, but not required to serve on this committee. Having a heart for God is, however, a requirement.  Through careful management of our resources, the church is able to support the operation of the church and provide financial support to a number of outreach ministries both locally and worldwide.  The finance committee meets once a year with the corporate, institutional stewards of our investments, and provides a report of that meeting to the vestry.  The finance committee also provides a financial report to the entire congregation during the parish annual meeting each January.  Given the volatility of the investment market, the finance committee is occasionally called together to address any sudden, drastic changes in the market.  We understand that everything that we have and are given is a blessing from God.  We are merely stewards of God’s blessings.  Through careful management of God’s blessings on us, we are able to provide blessings to others.