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Little Free Libary

Coordinator: Lydia Rutherford

In 2019 a Little Free Library was built and installed on the grassy lot across the street from the church. The principle behind a little free library is to "take a book, give a book." The library requires occasional physical maintenance of paint and sealant. The main upkeep of the library is keeping it stocked with books. The library consists of three shelves. The bottom shelf is for children's books; the middle shelf is for teenage books; and the to shelf is for adult books. Not only is the quantity of books monitored, but the genre of books needs to be maintained. Sometimes, books with inappropriate subject matter find their way into the library. They books are removed from the library when found. Every member of the church is encouraged to help stock the library and monitor what books are in it. The community has embraced the Little Free Library and many user of the library help to keep it stocked as well.

St. John's Little Free Library is listed and mapped on the Little Free Library website.