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Chairperson: The Rector

The primary purpose of our existence is to be in relationship with the Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We foster that relationship through corporate worship and prayer.  We are a liturgical church that relies on our Anglican heritage of prayer book worship.  Our Sunday morning worship is from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and 1982 Hymnal, but we also use several other resources authorized for worship by The Episcopal Church.

The worship committee meets once or twice a year to plan and organize upcoming worship services and any special services and celebrations.  The worship committee is primarily constituted by the chairpersons of the various liturgical support ministries, and is headed by the Rector.  However, the worship committee is open to anyone 16 years or older who is interested in the worship of our church and has a creative spirit within them.  A good analogy is to consider the worship service as a blank artists canvas on which the various liturgies and music are applied to make a beautiful piece of art which brings honor and glory to God.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the worship service, we “celebrate” and acknowledge the grace and love of God expressed through the incarnation and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  We invite you to come and “celebrate” with us.

After The Worship Service

Children between the ages of eight and ten years old are eligible and trained to snuff out the candles prior to the dismissal.  After the closing recessional hymn is sung, the congregation kneels and waits for the child to complete their task.  After all the candles are extinguished, the priest pronounces a dismissal acclamation.  The front doors of the church are opened and the priest stands at the open doors to greet all of the worshipers as they exit. The people exit the church one of two ways; through the front doors or through the sacristy door at the back of the church. Either way you choose to exit the church we invite you to join us in the parish hall for refreshments. 

Join Us For Coffee Hour And Hospitality

Members of the congregation volunteer to be scheduled each Sunday to provide and serve refreshments in the parish hall following the service. We invite you to gather with us at coffee hour to introduce yourself to other various members of the church and to partake of our refreshments.

Our desire is that you make at least two solid connections, make two new acquaintances, before you leave.  And, to help reinforce your visit with us today, we highly encourage you to complete one of our Guest Information Cards so we might know a little about what led you to join us for worship this day and what your interest level might be in St. John’s.

We have tables and chairs available if you prefer to sit and eat, or you are more than welcome to munch on the snacks and drink coffee while you mingle around the parish hall as you get to know our church family. We also have a children’s table and chairs for your children.

Join Us For A Worship Service Beyond the Walls

Typically, some time in mid-October, we have a service outside of the church walls.  We often hold worship services on our grassy lot across the street from the church. For several years we have held a service and picnic at Harmonie State Park about 10 miles north of Mt. Vernon.